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Dolphins in Paradise has become for me a preferred state of mind.
This blog is about co-creating an on-line space where people can share,
and perhaps remember, our connections to our cetacean allies
and the feeling of upliftment and sense of community which is the result of that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labrador Swims with Dolphin

On most days a wild bottlenose dolphin who the locals have named Dougie swims with the Tory island hotel owner's dog Ben. Tory is off the southwest coast of Donegal in Ireland.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Pink Dolphin Rescued

After being rescued, a baby pink dolphin is taken care by biologists at the Pailas river in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on Monday. Biologists and environmental activists are trying to rescue dolphins trapped in early July in the Pailas river, a tributary of the Rio Grande river, north of the city of Santa Cruz, when drought caused water levels to drop. (AP Photo)

Looks ancient, very wise for a baby!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue Whales in Monterey

I spent last weekend on a whale watching boat out of Monterey Bay, CA. First off — what a spectacular drive down the coast even though we hit some summer traffic in a few places! We reached our destination just in time to catch a 5:30 cruise leaving from Fisherman's Wharf (you need to book ahead).

Apparently, an abundance of krill (tiny shrimp) has been appearing off shore, drawing huge numbers of whales — both humpbacks and blue whales. Researchers say that the whales seem to have used their long distance communication skills to summon other whales. This is the largest concentration of blue whales in this area in a decade.

What a thrill to see the gigantic spouts of the blues and their long, smooth torsos rising out of the sea. We saw quite a few humpbacks as well, some of them "singing" (like excited elephants!) as they rode through the waves.

Below is my best video of two humpbacks:

Back in the harbor and along shore we continued to feel like we were in a marine mammal wonderland with sea otters floating among the boats and throngs of sea lions and harbor seals lounging on the rocks and beaches.

There's a feeling of shared community with so many animals around. Instead of a lot of noisy boat traffic, a few sailboats dotted the bay while small groups of kayakers paddled through islands of floating kelp. There were also a number of scuba divers in the water.

There's a calm, Meditarrean feel to the town with cafes and bistros along the waterfront and people just enjoying the scene.